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Success story 1:
Sh. Satpal Singh, resident of Gohran, P.O. - KheriGulam Ali, District Kaithal is a scheduled caste landless farmer. He was a farm labourer before acquiring training from KVK Kaithal. He started apiculture with 20 bee boxes and earned rupees 10000/-. With the time he kept on multiplying bee colonies. Due to his guidance in village Gohran in 2012, 15 persons were employed and net profit was about Rs.5.0 lacs after sale of honey and other products.

The total income generated from honey during 2015in the village Gohran was about Rs. 3.5 crore. Mr. Singh has started imparting training and technical guidance to rural youth of adjoining villages. In 2015, he got established 15 units in village Nagal with 1500 boxes and 14 rural youth were employed and they have generated an income of Rs. 45 lacs.

He also got established 10 bee keeping units in villages Hatho, Singwal in Jind district, 12 units in villages Chaudherywas, Kirmara, Sahu, Daultpur in Hisar district, 20 units in villages Bosti, Bhattu and Laherian in Fatehbad, 15 units in Rewari district, 4 units in Kurukshetra district, 2 units in Rohtak district, 20 units in Alwar and Bharatpur (Rajasthan), 2 units in Sangrur, 12 units in village Rajla, Taipur, Samana in Patiala district, Due to his continuous efforts, more than 1000 youths are engaged in bee keeping. Sh. Satpal has been awarded by various institutions.

Success story 2:
Sh. Shiv Kumar Meena S/o Sh. Hari Ram Resident of village Gurawara, Rewari (Tel. 98137 07700) attended Bee Keeping training. Sh. Shiv Kumar came forward to adopt the agribusiness of Bee Keeping. Earlier he was growing only traditional crops viz. wheat and mustard in Rabi and guar and bajra in Kharif season. He started bee keeping in the year 2002 after attending training at KVK Bawal. By knowing the basic principle of Bee Keeping, he started this agri-business.

During 2002, he purchased 50 boxes with 500 bee colonies. He started multiplying the boxes in the later years. He started shifting of boxes in the summer season due to non-availability of flora in this region in the summer season. In the first year, he earned Rs. 30000/ and recovered the cost of boxes (Rs. 50000/-). At present he has given employment to 23 persons and earning a net profit of Rs. 12,50,000/- per annum from beekeeping, which hasbecome his main occupation.

Success story 3:
Sh. Satbir Singh, a landless person of village Anwal contacted KVK Rohtak for guidance on Skill Development so as to start his own occupation. The KVK scientist advised him to attend training on beekeeping. He attended 5 days training at KVK, Rohtak and was also provided with material in the form of beehives and related bee equipments. He immediately started beekeeping with 25 colonies and within a span of one year only, increased no. of colonies to 40.

Name Sh. Satbir Singh
Age 45 years old
Enterprise Beekeeping
Village & P.O Anwal
Mobile No. 9992402904
Landholding Landless
Assessment of profit Year No. of Bee Colonies Gross Cost Gross Return 2016 25 Self assistance from KVK Rohtak + Rs. 40 ,000 Rs. 35000 + 15 BEE Colonies 2017 40 Rs. 30,000 70,000 Expected Income As a number of bee colonies and his income are increasing Sh. Satbir Singh is happy with his income and self employment.


Success story 1:
Goga Devi w/o HarbansLal, educated upto middle, residing at Harnam Singh Colony, Bighar Road, Fatehabad took training on garment construction and soft toys making in KVK in 2011. Since then she is a regular visitor of KVK for scaling up her knowledge and skills. She was already working on manual machine for stitching of ladies garments. But after attending training in KVK, she started stitching on motor driven machine. She started stitching of ladies garments, children garments as well as gent’s garments like kurta pajama and pent-shirt. She is also expert in quilting work like bags, quilts, multipurpose box etc.

She horizontally transfers her skills of stitching and embroidery work to other girls and ladies through training classes. A group of 15-20 girls join her for stitching classes each month. She is very skilled in handicraft work also thus in association with local shopkeeper “Man Mauji” she is selling handicraft material like decorative fan, decorative dolls, multipurpose wall hangings, table cloth, and designer pillow covers etc. She is also doing well in hand embroidery and picco work. She also uses paper pattern (Technology developed by university) in stitching of ladies suits and children garments.

She reported that paper patternshelp her lot imparting trainings. These are time saving device and provide accuracy in fitting of garments. She earns Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 20000/- per month from art and craft work as well as stitching of garments (from above said activity).